Doug Fortin Tattoo and Art
"Jellyfish Floating"Third Eye WolfMandala"Biomech"Hummingbirds"Follow Your Heart""Mandala with Praying Hands"Panther and Snake"Mermaid"Crown"the Grim Reaper""Sea Turtle""Hourglass""Leopard"War HorseSharkyPlague Doctor"Butterflies and Cherry Blossoms" 1 of 2"Butterflies and Cherry Blossoms" 2 of 2Peapod"Heart and Dagger""Peony"The EyeMandalaBass1Bass2CatfishBiomech, almost done...Death MothsFlower of LifeJasonThorny Rose"Frankenweenie"Link's SwordDragonDark Angel"the Black Panther""Potter's Wasp"Sight"Predator""anchor"Krampus"Tribal cover up""Siddhartha""Lotus""Grandfather's Pocket Watch"hippogriff"Lady Luck""Tribute to Mom""Tim Burton Sleeve"Deadspace"open lotus""Les Paul in a sea of Skulls""Baby Sea Turtles""Hot Air Balloons" "Geisha and Tiger""St. Michael""Family Tree""Abstract Girl" 1 of 2"Abstract Girl" 2 of 2"White Tara", In Progress"Year of the Cicada""Om""Eye of the Storm""Cyote Carrying Heart""Cascading Hibiscus""Necklace""Medieval Dragon""Dove with Flowers""Orange Koi""Healing Syringe""Leopard Girl""Lily""Vinework""Bee on Leaf", Black and Gray"Hannya"
Black and Gray"Koi""Wild Boar""Hawk Wasp""Halloween Devil""War of the Ages""Black Rose""Scorpion""Escher"
Black and Gray"Frankenstein"
Black and GrayRose"Tiger with Lilies""Butterfly""Autumn Hannya""Panther""Skull and Tiger Lily""Adventuretime""Spiral Galaxy""Fairy""Nuke the Whales""Watercolor Circles""a Tale of Circles""Spiral Galaxies""Chrysanthemum""Mermaid in Shell'"Arm Bracelet"
Black and Gray"Electron Cloud""Celtic Cross""Polynesian Tribal""Halloween Spider""Flames""Biomechanical Plants"
In Progress"Goldfish""Acorn""Apple Diagram""Cancer Ribbon""Sudden Death""Cement Punching Bag"
Black and Gray"Sea Life" 1 of 2"Sea Life" 2 of 2"Butterfly with Vines""Giraffe"
Black and Gray"Orchid""Octopus""Lily for Dad""Monarch Butterflies""Halloween Pumpkin"Remember these!"Rosary and Rose""Family of Quail""Leafy Seadragon""Mandala""Pink Lily""California Poppies""traditional Fly""Artichoke" Black and Gray"Halloween Reaper""Radish""Dragon Master""Reaper and Apple""Rochester""Elbow Webb and Assassin Symbol""Alligator popping balloon""Dragon on Ying-Yang""Steampunk Fish""Kitty Cat""Lotus""Nautical Star""Porkchop""Clover Cross""Death Dealer""Family Tree""Mr. Universe""Pomegranate""Bunch of Grapes""St. Michael""Little Wolf"
Black and Gray"Eagle" 1 of 2"Eagle" Black and Gray 2 of 2"Robotic WWII" 2 of 2"Wild Thing""Comic Square" Black"Tribalism""Kanji""Flower Vine"  Black and Gray"Z""Grapevine"
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